We aged our Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba for six months in used American Oak Bourbon barrels to create a sophisticated limited edition gin.


Juniper berries, coriander seeds, malted barley, licorice root, Angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, sweet orange peel, bitter orange peel, orange blossom, ginger rhizome, green cardamom, cubeb berries, lavender & a secret belgian botanical.


Our botanicals (except the cubeb berries) are macerated & distilled in a copper pot still (400l). We add the double distilled cubeb pepper afterwards.
Same process as Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba, but we added an aging process of 6 months into Oak Bourbon Barrels. After 6 months this gin is filtered, bottled and numbered.

500 ml – 45% abv

Perfect serve

Blind Tiger Liquid Gold should be savoured slowly at bottle proof, or over ice. This is more than just your regular barrel-aged gin.

The lingering rich, velvety, and complex nose of lemon, vanilla, honey & oak, transforms into a warming smoothness of buttery orange and floral hints across the tongue, with a finish-long bourbon-like spiciness.

Roeselaarseweg 11
8520 Kuurne, Belgium
+32 56 44 91 29

Blind Tiger is a brand of Deluxe Distillery,
Just like Mary White & SŪPĀSAWĀ.